Daycare / Day-train is suspended for the foreseeable future

If you have a dog you have likely heard about the importance of socialization but what you may not know is that there are critical periods with in which the opportunity for socialization exists. Once these periods close, exposure alone is not enough. Most of these windows will actually lapse before you bring your puppy home, for example critical exposure to loud noises starts as soon as the puppies ears begin to open at 3 weeks.

Once a puppy is 3-4 months old the window for socializing with other dogs has closed and there may be a need for remedial socialization. This is a program of desensitizing and conditioning the dog or puppy to other dogs. Instead of introducing your puppy to a dog park or group setting and watching them struggle or hide we use our dogs and helpers to slowly build your puppy’s confidence. 

If you have a puppy who runs and hides when it hears the neighbourhood dogs bark, went to puppy class and spent the whole time under your chair, or you just don’t have opportunities to safely introduce them to other puppy safe dogs this is for you.

This is not a traditional board and train style, and we are not a kennel. We focus on giving the puppy or dog social experiences to learn from other dogs and a professional trainer in our home. Puppy Training Daycare is in-home, minutes from St Albert, Edmonton or Spruce Grove.

Puppy Socialization (<6months)

This includes 4 days of daycare in our home (1 day per week). The first day will just be meeting my most trusted dogs and as the puppy gains confidence helpers will be scheduled to come on the same day to broaden their exposure to dogs of different temperaments. If 4 days are not enough we can add another 4 day package. (For young puppies or puppies with anxiety these days may be split into half days so we do not overwhelm them)

A typical day at daycare includes supervised off-leash play, introductions done at a slow pace ensuring the puppy feels safe. There is also various enrichment activities depending on the day – slow feeders, snuffle mats, searches, visits with neighbours, nail trims or husbandry care if needed, training practice for key concepts like recall and reinforcing check ins. Most days end with a sniffari on a long line and a short training walk.

A prior consultation is mandatory before joining this program. It pairs perfectly with the Pro-Active Puppy package if you have just welcomed a new puppy to your home! *If you are already working with another certified force free trainer we will consider referrals without consultation.

Adult Remedial Socialization 

If you have a dog over 6 months who could benefit from remedial socialization please refer to our private training. Pricing for adult dogs is on a sliding scale depending on their needs and not all adult dogs will be a candidate. The best place to start is a behaviour assessment and training plan which may take place on our property to assess with other dogs.