Eileen Lindquist BSc CPDT-KA Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant

I am a math nerd and dedicated animal rescue volunteer and it was this background in logic and science combined with the desire to find a better solution for my own rescue dog that led me to dog behaviour as a profession.

When I adopted a dog with behaviour issues I started learning all I could and became a good dog handler, but I wanted to push further. I was not satisfied with a dog that I could just manage. I wanted to change how a dog feels about their environment and to teach them to make better choices on their own.

Determined to learn how, I began reading, studying, shadowing mentors, attending seminars and working with a variety of dogs. Along the way I also found my niche working directly with feral and extremely fearful dogs.

Now, with my education and experience, my goal is to help dog owners make that change; to help clients strip away the frustration and stress to achieve a relationship with their dog that is based on trust, understanding and joy.

I am a certified dog trainer through the CCPDT and a certified Fear Free professional. I am dedicated to continuing education and supporting a community of dog professionals seeking industry regulation. I also plan to seek a behaviour consulting certification with the IAABC in the near future.


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