While I (Eileen) am the lead trainer at Freedom Dog, I have a network of support to help you. Most importantly my 2 dogs are professionals, having helped many dogs come out of their shells and develop healthy social skills (my youngest dog is just learning the ropes). They are joined by a network of canine helpers and their owners who regularly come for daycare / boarding to help with socialization and occasionally join me for consultations.

We have hands on experience with every type of behaviour problem or training need you can imagine:

  • Puppy Training
  • Trick Training
  • Basic Manners; Obedience Training
  • Fear Based Behaviours; Fearful Dogs
  • Anxiety, General
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Confinement Anxiety
  • Leash Reactivity
  • Barrier Frustration
  • Rescue Dogs
  • Behaviour Modification
  • Inter household Dog-dog aggression
  • Relationship Building
  • Feral Dogs
  • Predatory Behaviour; Predation
  • Dog Play Skills
  • Canine Communication
  • Cooperative Care
  • Fear Free Vet Visits

What ever your situation, we are here to help.

If you would like the guidance and coaching to do the work your self through private in-home consultations or if you would like to supplement your learning with day-training where your pup can learn in our home.

Private Training

Private Consultations are the right fit for any basic life skills (like leash walking, handler focus, obedience, house training), amending nuisance behaviours (like barking, chewing, nipping, jumping, counter surfing) or behaviour modification for fear, anxiety and aggression. Sessions typically take place in your home but may also include walks in your neighbourhood or meeting at another location if beneficial for the dog and their progress. The number of sessions recommended depends on many factors. Occasional on site dog training is in Spruce Grove (rural Parkland County) at our home.

Day-training / Puppy and Remedial Socialization

This is not a traditional board and train, and we are not a kennel. We focus on giving the puppy or dog social experiences to learn from other dogs and a professional trainer in our home. We specialize in remedial socialization for older puppies who may have missed early healthy exposure. We will also develop and practice basic life skills; recall, focus, calm around distractions, leash skills, house manners, and crate training. Puppy Training Daycare is on-site, minutes from St Albert, Edmonton or Spruce Grove.

Boarding / Decompression Boarding

Regular Boarding is reserved for suitable training clients only (all care is in our home, not a kennel, so dogs must be compatible). If you have a new rescue who is overwhelmed by moving into a busier city life please reach out to us to see if your dog is a candidate for decompression boarding.

Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.

– Albert Camus

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