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with the approach your dog needs.

Behaviour Consultation $175 (+GST)

This assessment includes a 75-90 minute one-on-one private consultation in your home (or over Zoom if preferred). At it’s conclusion we will go over a general behaviour and training plan and recommendations will be made for follow up sessions needed to see success.

We may not be able to cover multiple challenges in one session, if you have several items to address we will start with the most urgent and will provide general tips as needed. To see progress it is important to focus on just a few key concepts and homework exercises at once. You should consider a Re-Active package if you have several concerns.

Please keep in mind the greatest success will be seen with ongoing coaching. This is a lot like hiring a personal trainer, you may have all the info but the professional guidance that comes with regular check ins can ensure you meet your goals. Follow up sessions can be booked one at a time as needed.

Pro-Active Package $425 (+GST)

If you have recently added a new puppy or rescue dog to your life (or are planning to) don’t wait to ‘fix’ problems after they come up. Spend the time now to learn how to understand your puppy, meet their unique needs, teach behaviours you would like to see and prevent future stress.

The Pro-Active package includes 3 one hour private training sessions, supplementary materials, including a copy of Lili Chin’s Doggie Language book and enrichment items. Sessions are typically booked approx 2-3 weeks apart but are flexible.

We will cover all of the essentials, customized to your puppy’s/dog’s strengths and challenges. We also offer email support through out the program to clarify or assist with anything covered. Examples of topics to cover;

  • Appropriate socialization
  • Body language
  • Species/Breed specific needs; enrichment, safety
  • Cooperation, Consent & Choice
  • House training
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Biting /nipping/chewing
  • Focus, recall

Re-Active Package $725 (+GST)

This includes an Initial Behaviour Consultation of 75 minutes in your home to assess and start a training plan, 4 one hour private sessions, these can be in varied environments, a biothane long line from LifeLeashYEG, and supplementary materials, including a copy of Lili Chin’s Doggie Language book and enrichment items. Sessions are typically booked 2-3 weeks apart initially and may taper off to once a month as you make progress.

We also offer email support through out the program to clarify or assist with anything covered. Having a support system can be one of the most crucial elements when facing an overwhelming behaviour challenge.

This is the right choice if you are in need of any behaviour modification for;

  • Leash Reactivity
  • Fear Based Behaviours
  • Anxiety, General
  • Separation/Confinement Anxiety
  • Barrier Frustration; Fence Fighting
  • Inter household Dog-dog aggression
  • Predatory Behaviour; Predation
  • Resource Guarding

Follow Up Consultation $125 (+GST)

Once you have completed an initial consultation or a package and need continued support or practice you are always welcome to book a single 1 hour follow-up session. This can be great to review previous topics, do some hands on training or problem solve.

Or these can be to fill in gaps in your success and focus on more “nusance” like behaviours or training goals, like;

  • Foundation Cues
  • Enrichment Ideas
  • Trick Training
  • Canine Life Skills
  • Dog Play Skills; Canine Communication
  • Cooperative Care
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Crate Training
  • Recall
  • Counter Surfing
  • Chewing; Barking; Jumping

At Freedom Dog our priority is always a dogs safety, well being, and emotional state. All consultations are approached through a behaviour lens, targeting the root cause of “why” your dog is acting as they are. A teaching style shaped by almost a decade of experience, working with an endless variety of behaviour challenges (both hands on in my home and consulting with clients), and an understanding that true change happens with purpose, over time.

Once you decide what option is best for you please fill in our new client form and we will email you with any questions or concerns then link you to our booking page. Weekday and weekend bookings are available, typically scheduling within 2-4 weeks. If you have any questions please email info@freedomdogbehaviour

*Referrals may also be made to other professionals such as, a veterinarian or veterinarian specializing in behaviour, if deemed necessary or helpful for your situation. Behaviour is always information and can be the first sign of many medical conditions.

*Invoicing is done via Wave. Accepting email transfers, MC, Visa or cash.

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