Freedom Dog Philosophy

The goal at Freedom Dog is to support your dog and you as you navigate your relationship.

Coaching dog guardians on how to meet their dog’s needs, fulfill natural behaviours and build optimism, while helping them learn how to fit into the human world.

I want both you and your dog to feel free from stress, fear, and anxiety and to find the path forward that meets both of your needs.

Eileen Lindquist Bsc CPDT-KA

I am a behaviour consultant and dog trainer in Spruce Grove, Alberta (rural, Parkland County). I have my certification as a professional through the CCPDT (Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers) and am a Certified Fear Free Animal Trainer.

Dedicated to continuing education and supporting a community of dog professionals seeking industry regulation where there is currently none, I also plan to complete a behaviour consulting certification with the IAABC in the near future.

With over a decade of experience in every spectrum of dog behaviour I bring a nuance to hands on work with dogs that is unique. I have learned from thousands of dogs, each of them teaching me something new.

As a member of the Alberta Force Free Alliance, an organization that helps educate pet professionals and guardians about the latest science-based dog training in Edmonton and all of Alberta, I am committed to effective force free training methods.

I am continually updating my knowledge and reflecting on my approach to ensure I employ the most progressive and welfare-centered techniques for my clients, dog and human.

Our Freedom Dogs

If you come for a consultation at our location or your puppy joins us for remedial socialization daycare you may get to meet one of our band of misfits. They all help in various ways and have each helped shape me as a trainer.

Jord (Jordan)

Right Hand Dog

Jordan is a rescue form Northern Alberta and was surviving as a feral dump dog until she was caught. Slowly building trust with her was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

She has taught me so much it can’t fit in a short paragraph.  It couldn’t even fit in a book.  She has worked by my side, will tell me when I am wrong, and stand by me when I need her. If dogs could get a training certification she would pass the test.

Jord is the main greeter, helper, side kick. She would like you to have hot dogs in your pockets.

Kit (Kitsune)

Flirty Confidence Builder

Kitsune came into rescue after a traumatic event, neophobic but whip smart and with enough energy and endurance to run all day.

Kitsune taught me work. Putting in the work, training, desensitizing, everything, split down as small as I could, repetitive, starting over when something triggered a memory that sent her back to the beginning, work.

Kit is an expert at appeasing dogs to get what she wants, she has grown into a truly kind and empathetic dog.

Lyric (Savage Beast)

She is just a (5 year old) BABY

The newest member of our band is the smallest, the craziest and by far the most vocal and opinionated! She came from a hoarding situation and we continue to work with our veterinarian to help her overcome generalized anxiety.

She does not help with any training but does help exercise visiting dogs and makes us laugh all day long. She is a weird little bug and we love her.

You’ll find Lyric either napping, hiding, or playing so hard no one can keep up with her.

Our Acreage

Conveniently only minutes from the Anthony Henday on the Yellowhead, west of Edmonton.

Half acre fenced dog yard

15 plus acres of field to explore

All boarding/day-train is in-home