Freedom Dog Philosophy

The goal at Freedom Dog isn’t to have a list of verbal cues or commands (although we can help you with that too!) it is to reinforce the behaviour you want given changes in the environment. Removing the need for your dogs behaviour to be constantly managed and giving them the ability to think for themselves. We want both you and your dog to feel free from stress, fear, and anxiety and to find the path that meets both of your needs.

My Passions

Communication, Consent and Cooperation: Living with an animal is not about control, or being in charge. It is a partnership. We have as much to learn from them as they do from us. All of my training is centered around giving dogs choice, controlling the environment so we can reinforce the desired behaviours and coaching owners how to interpret their dogs behaviour while understanding how to meet their unique needs.

Animal Rescue: My training journey started with my first foster dog, who became my first foster-fail, who became the dog who pushed me to learn more about animal behaviour because I knew he deserved more. While I am still an advocate for animal rescue I chose to devote more time to training personal clients because I can do more good keeping dogs in happy homes rather than finding them new ones.

Feral and Fearful Dogs: My years of working in animal rescue shaped my particular interest in working with the most fearful dogs. I consider my specialty to be setting up controlled situations for these dogs to thrive, progress and learn to trust. I also understand the heart break that can come along with living with a dog who is traumatized and the importance of finding solutions as soon as possible.

Our Acreage

Conveniently only minutes from the Anthony Henday on the Yellowhead, west of Edmonton.

Half acre fenced dog yard

15 plus acres of field to explore

All boarding/day-train is in-home