Behaviour Consulting and Dog Training in Edmonton, St Albert, Spruce Grove, Parkland County and area.

Freedom Dog has the experience and knowledge to help you with any dog related challenge you are facing.

Consultations are designed to help you understand what your dog is trying to communicate, give them new skills to request what they need and you the knowledge to teach them.

Day training options use our experience and network to help grow your dogs confidence and social skills in an organic way.

Our promise: All coaching will prioritize your dog’s emotional and physical welfare over training/obedience.


What We Do

Private Training Sessions to target behaviour problems one on one and give you the skills to better understand your dog. Coaching you through setting realistic and achievable goals while we set your dog up to succeed. Now offering Virtual Training options.

Puppy and Remedial Socialization day-train packages to let your dog learn organically at their own pace in a safe and structured home environment with a professional trainer. Spots limited.

Virtual Training COVID restrictions have brought Zoom dog training to the forefront but it has advantages. Being able to work with clients who may not be in our service area, but also setting you up to succeed with direct coaching while in the dogs normal environment.

Why You’ll Love Us

Dogs that join the Freedom Dog family are just that, family. We take few clients and focus on what is in the best interest of each individual dog. Once dogs have graduated from our programs they are often invited to stay with us for boarding or daycare if suitable so that they can continue to flourish and you can feel confident they are getting the care they need.

  • Professionally Certified
  • Fear Free Certified
  • Welfare Centered
  • Tailored to Your Dog

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Eileen is the perfect mix of kind, understanding, and knowledgeable to support anyone’s dog training needs”

Eileen is the perfect mix of kind, understanding, and knowledgeable to support anyone’s dog training needs. Without any previous experience owning dogs, I adopted a 2 year old rescue dog who is amazing, but not without his challenges. Eileen has helped me understand how to meet his needs and set boundaries to allow successful co-living with a high drive, independent dog. Her house is a refuge where he can go to play with friends in a reliable and safe manner. Eileen is careful to incorporate our current training needs when he is there boarding (ex: leash training) and private training sessions with her have allowed me to move another dog into my home and build relationships with friend’s dogs as well. I would not be half the dog owner I am without her input and support over the last two years, and my dog’s life would certainly be less full without her and her dog crew.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“She has given us more confidence to train our puppy and eased our minds”

Freedom Dog was recommended to us through our SCARS foster for some help as first time pup owners. We are so thankful for this recommendation as Eileen is wonderful! We were a bit anxious as all puppy classes have been booked or closed, but 1:1 training turned out to be much more helpful! She focused on our concerns and gave helpful feedback for training our pup that we otherwise may have overlooked. She has been checking in with us ever since our first visit and has been sending us training videos/ tips to any issues we may be having during her own free time. Truly above and beyond our expectations. She has given us more confidence to train our puppy and eased our minds. Thank you Freedom Dog!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I would highly recommend Freedom Dog Training & Behaviour!!”

We had a private training session with Freedom Dog and were very impressed. Eileen listened attentively to get to know us and our puppy and where we were at with training. She was observant and calm throughout our session, helping us to refine some of the training we had been doing and teaching us valuable new techniques and skills to work on with our puppy. She answered all of our questions and created an atmosphere of positivity and support throughout our session. She made herself available via email to answer any other questions that could come up and for the next few weeks, we received a weekly email from her to check in and see how things were going. We felt like she had us and our pup’s best interests at heart and that she really wanted us to succeed above all else. I would highly recommend Freedom Dog Training & Behaviour!!