Long lines, handmade by Ryan through LifeLeashYeg, are a must have for any dog owner. Giving your dog freedom of movement to explore and sniff while you have contact to guide them for safety. 15ft lines are recommended for everyone, while 30ft are suited for wilderness walks or dogs/guardians who are confident with leash skills in urban settings. They are made from Standard Beta biothane; vegan, water, stain & odour resistant and easy to clean!

If you would like to learn about decompression walks or improve your leash skills please book a training consult!

Our Basic Tugs are hand made. Fleece tugs are a simple way to engage your dog to play ‘with’ you and give your dog an outlet for some of their natural chase instincts. Available in various thickness’ for each size of dog, 3 ft or longer. $10

Add On to your training consult or package and items will be delivered at our first meeting or pick up available in Acheson.

Standard Long Lines

Life Leash AHF – Adjustable Hands Free

Life Leash Sets

Braided Fleece Tugs, 3 sizes of thickness, 3 or 4 braids, each 3ft+ long, great for engaging your dog in chase games $10 each

Lili Chin “Doggie Language, A Dog Lover’s Guide to Understanding Your Best Friend” $12.99