We are not offering Group Classes through Freedom Dog at this time but Private training may actually be what you are looking for!

Looking for Obedience classes?

Did you know Obedience training was invented as a demonstration sport, not a skill set for a family dog? In my experience there is little over lap with a dog trained in obedience and a well behaved family member.  Often, the happiest social dogs have actually done very little in the way of formal training classes.

Some group classes are starting to shift to cover more well rounded life skills like loose leash walking, cooperative husbandry, focus or desensitizing to novel items but even then starting training at home is far more beneficial.

Once you have an established relationship built on trust you may find it fun and enriching to attend group classes to learn a sport but it is recommended to build base behaviours in your home environment first and set your dog up to succeed! 

Private training can also address specifically what you are struggling with. If your dog is surfing counters for food or barging through the door for example, this can be addressed multiple ways right in your home.

Hard to trim your dogs nails? Scared of car rides? Pulls on leash? We focus on cooperation and communication instead of commands and obedience.