Jase was found in 2012 roaming a northern Alberta city dragging a chain that had been bolted around his neck. Sad, yes. But don’t tell him. He is the most stoic dog I will ever meet. Every tooth was broken, his back legs were so arthritic the vet was surprised he could run or jump, painfully thin, reactive, and could drag you on a leash like a freight train or escape any enclosure thanks to years of practice.

Jase taught me that just being a good dog handler is not enough. It was not enough that I could manage him, I wanted him to be free and happy.  To run off leash, to sleep through a thunderstorm with ease, to be fulfilled. He started my journey as a dog trainer because I knew he deserved more.

He is well retired and now enjoys his days doing what ever he pleases. He will watch the thunder and lightening with me, lay in a crate for a nap, happily trot beside me as if the leash does not exist and come when he is called (even if that pesky cat is on the other side of the fence).

He is the center of our family.