Jord. My heart. Jordan is my dog, I am Jordan’s person. I thought I knew from the moment I saw her photo, I really thought I knew from the second we met, but every day I learn it again.

Jordan taught me so much it can’t fit in a short blog.  It couldn’t even fit in a book.  She has worked by my side, will tell me when I am wrong, and stand by me when I need her. She is my best friend in every sense.

Jordan is also a great puppy trainer!  She will gently teach them how to share toys/bones.  She builds their confidence, or reminds them to calm down if they are getting out of hand.  She will trade them for a toy if they are starting to gnaw on furniture, or show them how to go in and out of the new crate. If dogs could get a training certification she would possibly pass the test.