Kitsune…. how to introduce Kit, KitKat, Kitersen, Kits, Kitsun-eh, Kitsune the JackRabbit?

Kitsune came into rescue malnourished, completely un-socialized, never spending a second away from her 10 month old litter mate or mom, terrified to walk out of the house, terrified of almost everything, but whip smart and with enough energy and endurance to run all day. Her rescue story is one that is hard to tell, even harder to imagine, but I may write it down one day…

Kitsune taught me work. Putting in the work, training, desensitizing, everything, spilt down as small as I could, work, repetitive, starting over when something triggered a memory that sent her back to the beginning, work. And she still does. She forces me to have a good work ethic. She wants to learn and forced me to switch away from my focus on behaviour to develop some more advanced trick skills.

Flirt pole is life.