Is your teenaged puppy is pushing boundaries and testing limits!?

That may be how it seems, but let’s dive into what is actually going on.

It is often when we ask our dog to do something that they are not motivated to do. Calling them when we want to leave the dog park, asking them to sit but they choose to walk away instead.

Don’t get me wrong. Living with a teenaged dog can be rough! There are hormones at play, but what you need are solutions and a way forward to not only survive but come out the other end with success.

So let’s reframe this language.

So reframe. What can you change? How can you correct yourself?

Buckle up because puppy training isn’t over. Every dog is unique and some take years to truly solidify behaviours. You have to keep managing the environment so they can succeed and you have to keep reinforcing what you like.

If they take a step backwards go back to basics and build it up again.

If they hit a fear period keep them safe, give them choice and rebuild those good associations.

Always take a look at the world from their view. What is driving their choices? What is the function of their new behaviours? Did you get comfortable and stop training? Have you mixed up new enrichment activities? Have you cut back time engaging with them?

If you are struggling with a teenaged pup and need extra help we are here for you!