It’s OK to say no.

No to the trainer who wants you to yank your dogs neck.

No to the vet who wants to pin your dog down for a procedure.

No to the daycare who walks your dog into a room with 80 other dogs and let’s them ‘figure it out’.

No to your cousin who says you ‘need to be the boss’.

No to your neighbour who says you shouldn’t train with food.

No to the groomer who restrains a terrified dog.

You are your dog’s advocate. You CAN say no.

There is another way. There is a kinder way. Empower your dog.

For a vet (or trainer) check out @fearfreepets directory

In Alberta visit the @AlbertaForceFree directory for a groomer/trainer/daycare/rescue/kennel.

For your friends or family send them to do research from science informed platforms.

*You may need to use some restraint or leash pressure in emergency situations. Save that for an emergency, when you have time to plan and train do so thoughtfully with your dog’s perspective in mind.