How do you walk with your dog? If none of these words sounded familiar to you, it may be time to switch it up!

Not all dogs can be off leash and that is okay, but you can give them that freedom to explore and behave in a natural way by purchasing a long line and getting them into nature.

The key points these methods all have in common are
Safety – picking an area without any triggers, or a significant distance from triggers
Agency – the dog gets to make choices in where to go and how fast
Needs – allows them to express their natural dogness
Enrichment – encourages them to use their nose and explore

And they will help to keep both you and your dog SANE.

Decompression Walks were popularized by Sarah Stremming and are described as “a walk where the dog is allowed freedom of movement in nature.“

Sniffari is allowing your dog to explore and investigate with their nose. (I can not trace to a single source but seems to be part of the dog lexicon!)

Ruck Sack Walks are designed by Steve Mann and are more tailored to those who may only have a small space or a short amount of time.

Freedom Dog Walks are my own label that I use for the adventures dogs in my care go on.

Make up your own name, research any of these, whatever you choose, get out there and let your dog enjoy the walk they will enjoy the most!